I have attended several art classes, and workshops, with different teachers, over the last 20 years, and therefore feel able to attest to the remarkable skill /gift, that my current art teacher Nicky Thomson is able to impart to her art students. I look forward to every class, and never fail to be inspired, by Nicky’s generosity, and pleasure in giving of her knowledge, to encourage us all.

Everyone attending Nicky’s classes, no matter what level of skill they themselves have, would never fail to benefit from the joy of all things art, Nicky imparts every time you attend class. 

Finally, I have to comment on the art studio surroundings. The light, and spacious art studio, is set in a glorious garden, the birdlife, lawns, and gorgeous flower beds, are a burst of colour the year round, inspirational.

I have found a true art teacher.

Pauline Weedman